Who Are We?


I’m Petey, host of Gentlemen’s Inquiry and 8mm Dissection here at GentsINQ. Born of humble beginnings but never without dreams, as the universe has deemed it GentsINQ has fulfilled one of those dreams. In the fall of 2014, just as Kevin Smith was releasing him film, “Tusk” is when I discovered the podcast universe, specifically, Smodcast. Smitten I was. This was the entertainment I was looking for. Naturally, I dove in head first and ate it up as much as I could. I became infatuated with the art form. In spite of that, I hadn’t even considered the possibility that I could do this too.

One thing that Kevin is known for amongst his fans is that he is very inspirational and evocative in how he speaks. But one episode in particular spoke to me. The Smodcast Q&A episode titled, The Musk of Tusk. Long story short, his message is simple, get out there and do it. The only thing stopping you is you.

Simple and obvious though that may sound, for one reason or another that clicked with me. The seed was planted. Suddenly, my internal voice had a lot to say and it wasn’t being quiet about it. About 3 months later I discover another show called, The Language of Bromance. These guys were poised to knock down the pins K. Smith had set up. Here was a show that was already spawned of Smith’s positivity. These two guys were doing it. Making the art they wanted to make devoid of a gatekeeper. Just like Kevin said.

Thus, March 11th, 2015 I launched Gentlemen’s Inquiry, along side 2 of my favorite people in the world, AJ and Jared later adding a second show titled 8mm Dissection with my co-host “The Hamster”. (Josh)

So, here I am. A 24 year old kid from the midwest living one of his dreams with 3 of his best friends. My advice to you is this, the world is coming at you a mile a minute and doesn't have time to wait. So, get out there and act on your dreams.


Muthafuckin J-Rad! Not much is known about J-Rad. Some say he was raised by a group of rogue dingoes that were known to terrorize the Australian countryside. Some say he was thrown from a mountainside by a psychotic mother and somehow managed to survive by sucking the liquid from rocks for nutrients and taming wild sloths to act as bodyguards. And then there are those who say....he was just born in St. James, MN and basically lived a normal life. BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT! J-Rad moved to the city of Mankato, MN in ye olde year of 2011 or so. Shortly after moving, he responded to a Craigslist ad for free sex, in which he was told that he would be a "power-bottom". J-Rad did not know what this was at the time, but it sounded hawt to him. Upon arriving at the agreed location, he instead ended up auditioning for and joining the local metal band HeirAfire (of which fellow Gentleman, Petey, was also a member). J-Rad also has a fiancee named Nikki, who is very beautiful, artistically talented, and allows J-Rad to touch her bodacious booty almost anytime he wants, which is pretty sweet! They will be married in October of 2016 and live happily ever after!


I'm AJ, co host of GentsINQ. Born in a broken home looking forward to creating a stable one. Slotted to be married in May 2017 to the love of my life Ellen. I've always been sort of a clown, always looking to please others with my comedy. Nothing makes me feel happier and more exhilarated than watching others laugh at and with me while I'm doing a bit. My ultimate dream is to be a successful comedian and maybe some day make it on to SNL. I don't have the financial means or courage as of now to leap for that dream, but this podcast with two of my very best friends is a great first step. I can't wait to see what the future holds for myself, my two friends and this podcast. Hope you keep laughing and hope you all enjoy the show!

The Hamster

The Hamster. A psychological evolution of Josh, created instantaneously by awkward stumbling improvisation to add humor and nonsensical banter to audio recordings, general thought processes and disturbances within the force. With the power to chatter like most rodents and the brain of a human to translate critter chatter, he is here to dissect (never vivisect) all things horror. Not a real hamster however.


Dog soldiers




Insidious 1 and 2

Grave Encounters

Drink of choice: Spiced rum with Pepsi/Dr. Pepper/ tropical punch kool­aid as mixer, and fireball